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EMS eye massager with red light

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Model Number: PY-EYEMS-700
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Micro-current massage, through a special low-frequency micro-current, the deep muscles around the eyes vibrate in three
directions for exercise. Only 5 minutes of beauty-grade massage can relieve eye fatigue.

+ Intensity adjustment, intensity setting, one-button simple operation, please use the intensity suitable for your eye care.

+ The eye massager is similar to the design of glasses and will not cover the eyes when massaging the eyes. Therefore, you can
enjoy eye care while doing housework, work, reading and watching TV.

+ USB charging, the eye massager can be fully charged in 2-3 hours, can be used continuously for about 1 hour, and has a
10-minute timing function.

+ Convenient to carry: The eye massager is light in weight. It is not only easy to store at home, but also easy to store on the go or
while traveling.


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